About Ancestral Wales

About us

We are a family whose roots run deep in west Wales. One side of the family is from Carmarthenshire and to a lesser extent east Pembrokeshire and the other side of the family from south Cardiganshire. Unsurprisingly, being from this predominantly rural area both families were farmers.

We have been operating a cottage holiday business for 10 years and we now feel that it is the right time to introduce family history and genealogy as an optional extra to the business.

We are disappointed that Welsh family history has such a low profile compared with English, Scottish and Irish family history despite the fact that millions of people in Britain and across the world have Welsh Ancestry. It doesn’t make us better than any other nationality but our distinctive land and culture should be recognised and celebrated – after all we are descended from the original Britons and our language is the oldest in Britain and one of the oldest in Europe.

We feel that the only way to properly discover your ancestry is to visit the land of your fathers and mothers and we very much look forward to welcoming you to west Wales. We will help you in your discovery as much as we possibly can.

Cefnmeurig Cottage is on the old family farm in west Carmarthenshire. The 100 farm was bought by our great grandfather in the early 1880s but ancestors had been farming there as tenants as least as far back as 1740. The Family History Research Centre is situated in one of the outbuildings at Cefnmeurig.

Llysmeurig Villa was built by our grandfather William Phillips in the early 1930s as a retirement house for him and his young family. The photograph dark room is at Llysmeurig.

We bought Porthmeurig apartment in the 1980s. The apartment block was built in 1960 on the site of a John Nash building, Sion House, that burnt down in the 1930s.