Photography courses

One day course - intro to digital photography (DSLR only)

This course is ideal for the complete beginner or for those with a basic knowledge of photography. Even if you are using some of the manual controls on your camera but are not yet confident knowing and understanding the principals - this course will suit you. Your learning experience will be very hands-on without all the fluffy technical jargon. You'll be doing things with your camera you didn't think possible!

By the end of the day, you will have gained sound photography knowledge and a feeling of confidence with your camera. You may be one of those who has a DSLR camera but have relied on the automatic controls - there's so much you'll learn.

The day will include practical sessions in aperture, shutter speeds, exposure control, ISO and white balance. It will also include using the rules of composition to creatively improve your photography. Don't worry if you don't know what any of this means yet - most people don't when they come to us! Cost £195

Landscape photography (DSLR only)

This is a full one day course, where you'll be outside the entire time learning all the tips, techniques and skills to take fantastic landscape pictures.  You'll be learning all the advanced settings of your DSLR camera on full manual. This photography landscape course, amongst other things course will get you:

  • Experimenting with advanced compositional techniques
  • Learning about using natural lighting effectively
  • Mastering aperture, shutter, ISO & White Balance in a landscape environment
  • Using unusual viewpoints, foreground and background objects
  • Using filters, lenses and tripods to produce stunning images........and much, much more!

We'll help you unlock your hidden talent and get those creative juices flowing! For this course, you'll need to be at intermediate level of photography, know your way around the controls of your camera and really want to build on the foundation of knowledge you already have.

You'll need to bring a tripod with you, along with suitable clothing dependent on the time of year. Cost £250

Dark Room Techniques

A course for a maximum of two people at our darkroom at Llysmeurig.

We can cover the basics or quite advanced techniques, you decide what is of most use to you. Paper and chemicals supplied.

The cost is £280 for 1 day and £195 for each additional day.