Family History Research Centre

The outbuildings at Cefnmeurig may no longer house farm animals but we cant think of a much better alternative use than enabling guests to discover their Welsh roots and to establish an emotional connection with the land of their ancestors. After all, to know one’s ancestry for at least seven generations has always been a Welsh tradition born of necessity. If you didnt know both your paternal and maternal line, you might have missed out on your inheritance!

The Family History room is very spacious and conducive to research and reflection. Plan your visits to chapel and church yards, archives, heritage centres and even the homes your where your ancestors lived. You may not be able to go inside but imagine , for example, standing outside the house where your great great grandparents lived and raised a family. A memory and an image that will stay with you forever.

We have a internet access, a laptop, micro fiche reader and numerous books, publications, CDs, magazines. Many of the books are out of print.

You will have 3 hours help from a professional genealogist whose indepth knowledge may help you advance your research.

The cost of the Family History Pack is £49. Guests staying at Llysmeurig and Porthmeurig may take advantage of the package. The Research Centre cant be seen from Cefnmeurig Cottage and there is a toilet at the centre.